Creation Trilogy 3



Person Element 9:

Love FIT

How well you "fit" is linked to how well you "love".


Truth 9 - Love allows you to FIT wherever you are in life.

Goal 9 - Experience fulfillment by FITTING in anywhere…

LIE 9 - You can never FIT with fulfillment.

APPLYING Love-Link® Person Element 9 – Loving your FIT

  • Strategy:  Change your belief from Lie 9 to believe Truth 9 by attaining the Worth Goal 9.
    • How?  I
    • Since
    • Be aware of your surroundings.  B
  • Commitment:  Learn to "Love your Fit"
    • Be open to new ideas on how to fit.  S
    • Take a holistic approach to your fit.  B
    • Create your own learning projects.  L
  • Get Started:  Learning the value of your fit is best done
    • Be proactive.  W
    • Reach out.  R

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