Creation Trilogy 3



Person Element 3:


Linking "love" to all "relationships" allows you to serve others.


Truth 3 - Love transforms the RELATIONSHIPS of your life.

Goal 3 - Focus on serving in your RELATIONSHIPS. 

LIE 3 - Finding love in RELATIONSHIPS is hopeless.

APPLYING Love-Link® Person Element 3 – Loving your RELATIONSHIPS


  • Strategy:  Change your belief from Lie 3 to believe Truth 3 by attaining the Design Goal 3.
    • How?  Serving with love can transform even the most hopeless of relationships.  It is hard to "not relate" to someone who is loving you unconditionally.
    • Since unconditional love finds creative ways to serve the needs of others, it can bring hope to even the most miserable of relationships.  This changes the focus from "what you are getting out of the relationship" to "what positive things can you bring to the relationship".  It is hard to be angry or ignore someone for long who is lovingly meeting your needs.
    • Surround yourself with others who can encourage you to serve others and not take advantage of them, even unwittingly.  If you cannot find these people, develop them by choosing to center your relationships in serving with love.
  • Commitment:  Learn to "Love your Relationships"
    • Be open to loving and serving for the long haul.  Love, in part, is based on trust, and trust takes time to build.  Often others will "test" love, by resisting, rejecting, or refusing it for a period of time.  If your response is to "keep serving them", trust will begin to form and the transformation will begin.  True love never gives up!
    • Take a holistic approach to your relationships.  When love is refused or stopped from occurring in one area, love and serve them in another area.  Use the "skills of loving" as found in the website.  Learn to 1) Listen, 2) Observe, 3) Verify, and 4) Engage (i.e., L.O.V.E.) in positive ways when you are serving another in genuine love.
    • Create your own learning projects.  List as many way as you can think of on how you can serve the person you are trying to love.  Focus on their needs.  Dump your expectations, especially those related to the time it will take to build, improve, or restore the relationship you are working to develop.
  • Get Started:  Learn the importance of serving as the main ingredient to healthy, lasting, and enjoyable relationships.
    • Be proactive.  Learn and practice the communication skills. Never give up - when something fails, just try again.  Be a thermostat (initiate positive changes) and not a thermometer (only reflect what is).
    • Reach out when in doubt.  Since relationships are by definition two-way (they take two people), remember that you may not be able to relate to everyone.  Cultural, legal, personal, and other factors may put limits of the wisdom and possibilities of many relationships, so when in doubt, get counsel as to wisdom in your relationship choices.  The good news is that you can still love someone that you cannot relate to for whatever reason.  Love is always an option you can choose.

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