Creation Trilogy 3



Person Element 2:


Linking "needs" with "love" allows you to meet them in the healthiest ways.


Truth 2 - Your greatest NEEDS are to love and be loved.

Goal 2 - Be happy with how you meet your NEEDS. 

LIE 2 - Your NEED for love can never be met fully.

APPLYING Love-Link® Person Element 2 – Loving your NEEDS

  • Strategy:  Change your belief from Lie 2 to believe Truth 2 by attaining the Needs Goal 2.
    • How?  Our goal is to be happy that we are meeting our needs in the best possible, and healthiest way.  Because our needs are linked directly to our design, it is helpful to complete the "design person element" applications first.  The more we are aware of our designs, the better we will be able to sort needs from wants, and the easier it will be to meet our needs in the most positive ways.
    • Since meeting needs is linked to our sense of security, it is important to know which needs are related to our mental, physical, social, and spiritual designs - and, how they work together.  Healthy eating and exercise (physical needs) can impact our mental, social, and spiritual needs.
    • Our surroundings influence how we meet our needs, so change or rearrange them when necessary and/or possible to accomplish your goal of "loving your needs".
  • Commitment:  Learn to "Love your Needs"
    • Be open    Begin by learning to separate needs from wants.  Remember that you have choices that you make daily in meeting needs.  No matter how powerless you feel, you are still in charge of your decisions.   Make the best ones you can in your circumstances.   Little decisions add up to change things for the better.
    • Take a balanced approach to your needs.  Make sure you are not overlooking important needs by giving way to urgent demands.  Meet those that are both urgent and important first.
    • Create your own learning projects.  List as many needs as you can.  Look at the list again and cross off all those that are really just wants.  Prioritize your remaining needs by those most important.  Start working on the most critical needs first.
  • Get Started:  Learning to distinguish needs from wants can help you meet your needs the best way.
    • Be proactive.  Use your resources wisely to find new and better ways to meet your needs.
    • Reach out.  Most of us need help, support, and guidance in meeting our needs.  Be willing to ask for help, but also willing to help others meet their needs as well.

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