Creation Trilogy 3



Person Element 1:  


Linking your "design" to "love" builds confidence and stability into your life.


Truth 1 - You were DESIGNED to love and be loved.

Goal 1 - Be content with your DESIGN. 

LIE 1 - Your DESIGN is a mistake.


APPLYING Love-Link® Person Element 1 – Loving your DESIGN

  • Strategy:  Change your belief from Lie 1 to believe Truth 1 by attaining the Design Goal 1.
    • How?  Everyone has to learn how to be content with their design, including how they are made mentally, socially, physically, and spiritually.  You can do this as well!
    • Since the idea of a "mistake" is always the result of a comparison, learning to be content with our Design must first "reject" this lie by focusing on the inherent beauty in every detail of our design.  Stop comparing yourself with others, and keep focusing on being content with who you are!
    • Surround yourself with others that can accept who you are as well as encourage you to improve your capacities and potentials - i.e., others who know how to "love your design" as well.
  • Commitment:  Learn to "Love your Design"
    • Be open to new awareness's about yourself.  Begin by learning your "unique" combination of traits, capacities, and potentials.  No one has been, or ever will be, exactly like you!  Discover why this is true.
    • Take a holistic approach to your design.  Make learning goals for your mental, physical, social, and spiritual designs.  They all work together to establish why you are uniquely significant, and why comparisons are not as important as learning to be content with our "one-of-a-kind" combination.
    • Create your own learning projects.  List as many aspects of your design as you can.  Organize them.  Use them to make goals and improve.  Get input from others.  Learn to be content with who you are!
  • Get Started:  Learning your design is best done in a setting of love, but can be done anywhere.
    • Be proactive.  Read, take assessments, listen to feedback, and learn from successes and mistakes.
    • Reach out.  Most of us need help, support, and guidance in better knowing, appreciating, and developing how we are designed.  Let others join you in your journey.

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