Creation Trilogy 3

6. We can build Loving Relationships through Faith, Hope, and Love:


We gain these powers through attaining FAITH(Trusting in His Truth), HOPE(Choosing to follow His Truth), and LOVE(Living His Truth).”


This “practical theology of relationships” can be used daily, moment-by-moment, anytime, anywhere!  


  • The basics of this simple, practical, and usable theology are found in three websites:;; and

   9 Truths ICON 9 Goals ICON 9 Lies ICON  LOVE247ICON25rev530 H247 ICON BUTTON 33


  • Each site has an easy-to-use formula (acrostic) for daily application to building and enjoying loving relationships: L.O.V.E. Formula; H.O.P&E. Formula; 9 Lies, 9 Truths, and 9 Goals about your God-Images; The 3 Gifts (F3)., The Creation Trilogy, and more.


  • Supporting material is found in and,