Creation Trilogy 3

5. The Creators offer a pathway to TRANSFORM relationships:


  • Grace offers us a choice of a transformed life - the completeness of the Father, the congruence of the Son, and the ability to make righteous choices through the Holy Spirit.
  • This transformation verifies our eternal and unique significance, gives our life security though promises to meet our needs (not wants), and allows us to live a life of service to ourselves, others, and our Creators.
  • This pathway offers FORGIVENESS, FREEDOM, and FULFILLMENT. There are many transformations your Creators want you to experience, benefit from, and enjoy in your life, but none more powerful than forgiveness freedom, and fulfillment.
  • Grace offers us a choice to enjoy three amazing gifts of reconciliation – forgiveness through his mercy, freedom to overcome poor choices through his grace, and purposeful life fulfillment through his love.”