Creation Trilogy 3



FIRST - Poor relationship choices cause SEPARATION and broken relationships.

  • The Creators’ first created, Adam and Eve, failed to choose life over death.
  • Since a relationship with the Creators demanded perfection, their poor relationship choices banished them from their created home.
  • They were temporarily given laws, prophets, priests, and kings to help regain that relationship.  
  • The pathway back to loving relationships always demanded sacrifice, obedience, and in the case with their Creators, the sacrifice of blood. Relationships are a serious pursuit of life.
  • This was a preparation for a better solution through a second Adam, one who although he could fail, did not.

SECOND - Good relationship choices follow a RECONCILIATION pathway to restored relationships.

  • The second Adam was conceived by God in the womb of Mary. His name was Emmanuel (God with Us), and he passed the test to “reboot” our relationships of love.
  • He lived a sinless life. Also known as Jesus (Savior), he freely paid the price for our separation with His own life (blood).
  • The desire to have a relationship with the created (you) could not have been more serious.
  • Resurrected from the grave, He offers reconciliation for all relationships through his loving grace (undeserved favor) to allow us to regain daily, real-time, loving relationships in all of our life – to ourselves, to others, and to the Creators (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).