Creation Trilogy 3

2. You possess a Divine IMAGE:


The Great Risk of Relationships:

  • Being designed for relationships required that your creation be as much like your Creators as possible – i.e., to have their “image”. In many ways, you had to have the powers of choice and reason nearly equal to the Creators.What fun would it be to have a conversation with a slave, robot, or inadequate being?
  • Thus, each creation was/is given images of the Creator, the Re-Creator, and the Creative (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) in each part of their created being, body (soma), soul (psyche), and spirit (pneuma) – each soul is a unique, holistic, image of God.
  • Each soul was created with 9 helpful God-Images, each linked to loving and being loved, to discover, develop, and enjoy relationships.
  • Since the central essence of the Creators is love, the center of the created also had to be able to have the ability to love and be loved.

The genesis of our need for faith, hope, and love comes from our likeness to our Creators.

  • This practical theology identifies only nine central images, since like our creators we have an infinite range of likenesses.
  • These are presented at length in on a generic basis, and in with a grounding in the written Word.
  • While and have simple acrostic guides to make them usable in real time, the handles for are more integraged, complex, and in need of study.
  • Still, for easier application, they are basically presented in four sets of truth. The first three give insights into how each divine image links to loving and being loved – 9 Truths, 9 Lies, and 9 Goals. The fourth application set relates to the amazing transformational gifts the Creators offer for reconciliation of relationships and enjoyment of that relationship – 3 F’s (F3) of Forgiveness, Freedom, and Fulfillment.
  • Other insights about how our created selves work are also presented, and you will no doubt discover many more as you better understand The Creation Trilogy.
  • Our design presents us with limitless resources for discovering, enjoying, and celebrating wholesome, healthy relationships to ourselves, others, and our Creators.