Creation Trilogy 3

1. Your DESIGN has a Purpose:

  • The purpose of creation was for the Creators to have a relationship with their creation.
  • You were designed for loving and being loved – for loving relationships with yourself, others, and your Creators.

Everything about creation speaks of God’s (the Creator’s) purpose.

  • What an amazing truth. Our Creators want us to know and be known by them.
  • It establishes our main purpose for existence as well – to have a relationship with them and their creation.
  • While we need to focus on our calling and vocation, if we accomplish a personal, loving relationship with God, all of that has greater meaning.
  • Even when these simpler purposes are unclear, confusing, or in transition, our main purpose can be crystal clear to guide and encourage us in every dimension of life.

There never has been, nor will there ever be another “you”.

  • While it is almost impossible to grasp the value of the masses, we can gain an insight into their significance when we look at how God creates a new life.
  • Conception may be the result of loving planning or un-intention, or even the result of evil intentions, but when the egg and sperm unite to create a unique individual, one with a unique DNA, God takes over in the value department!
  • From the moment of conception until each individual has their last heartbeat, God breathes into them a unique soul. No two souls are alike. No one else can ever replace the significance or eternal value of that new life.
  • By virtue of creation alone, each life has eternal significance. Each life has value beyond measure when we look at the Creators’ desire to have a relationship with them.
  • Every decision, when they become accountable, shapes the nature of that life – and the Creators want to be a part of that life. So much so, that God has given each person the opportunity to spend eternity in his presence.
  • He has given a path throuch faith, hope, and love. Now that is a desired relationship!