Creation Trilogy 3

Building Loving and Lasting

Relationships through













Life is all about Relationships – to ourselves, to others, and to our Creators.

While we may be distracted by our need to survive, stabilize, or get ahead, or preoccupied with wants for power, passion, or pride, ultimately - relationships remain key to the success of any life – yours included.

Relationships need Love to survive and bring meaning to life.

Power, possessions, and self-importance do not bring love, but love can bring meaning to them. Love is at the center of any meaningful existence. Yet, as central as it is to life, love cannot be bought, faked, or coerced. It can only be freely given or received.

Everyone's Faith has a belief (a theology) about love.

Loving relationships will be possible to the extent and guidance provided by your belief system, or practical theology.

Faith and Love operationalize Hope in our life.

The greatest (time proven) theology known for building healthy, loving relationships is based on three simple concepts authored by Paul the Apostle and Sosthenes in Ephesus – Faith, Hope, and Love. They form a practical theology of relationships for your life.


Creation Trilogy 6 med is a practical theology of relationships, or presentation of this basic truth, centered around The Creation Trilogy.